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Travel Merchant Account Solutions

  1. First, and most important, do you take travel merchant accounts?
    Yes! We accept all types of travel merchants. Especially high risk merchant accounts.

  2. Do your services include monthly recurring web hosting?
    Not at this time. You may use any web host.

  3. What bank do you process through?
    We process through various banks in the United States and Offshore around the world. This is to accommodate the wide spectrum of high risk accounts, which travel merchant accounts are considered. We would need to know:

    Have you been terminated, tmf'd, or asked to find another processor?
    What kind of travel?
    How long have you been in business?
    What monthly volume are you looking to project?
    How do you market your product?
    What do your financials look like?
    Do you have a website?

    All of these factors determine the bank that will sponsor your account.

  4. How often do banks deposit?
    From Daily to 2 weeks in arrears, depending on the circumstances above.

  5. Do banks hold a reserve? If so, what is the amount?
    From None to 15%

  6. How do I process my transactions?
    With a travel merchant account setup by the bank, the most common processing method is to use an online gateway. The online gateway will integrate directly with your travel website, or ticketing system.
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