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Internet Merchant Account Consultation

All merchants that process payments through the telephone or mail are considered mail order / telephone order (MOTO) merchants.  Because the transaction does not take place in a face to face environment, credit card processors will often charge higher fees.  Check services are an excellent cost effective alternative for these merchants.

All major shopping carts are supported, so your website can be easily integrated. Your existing merchant account can also be added to our gateway, so that all payments can be processed through one interface.

Merchant Benefits

  • Multiple gateway platforms to meet your needs
  • Securely process all checks, at a cheaper rate than credit cards
  • Transactions processed in seconds
  • Real Time processing and immediate settlement
  • Competitive rates and transaction fees
  • Highly interactive reporting mechanism

ACH check processing is an excellent alternative to accepting credit cards over the internet.  The rate for processing a check can be as much as 50% cheaper than processing a check.  Payments can be processed through a virtual terminal or directly from your website over our secure gateway.

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