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FREE Gift Card Starter Package

Package includes:

  • FREE 30 Pre-Designed Cards
  • FREE Your business name printed on the front of the card
  • FREE 30 Sleeves
  • FREE 30 Envelopes
  • FREE 5x7 Acrylic Display Sign
  • FREE 4x4 Round Sticker
  • FREE 4x5 Tent Card
  • FREE 3x6 Vinyl Static Cling

Gift Card Designs

Picture of restaurant gift card design Picture of rose gift card design Picture of aurora gift card design Picture of red bow gift card design Picture of retail gift card design Picture of cash gift card design Picture of general gift card design Picture of general gift card design

Merchant Benefits

  • Increases your prepaid gift sales
  • Build brand awareness
  • Keep the full cash value in store
  • Help customers to spend more
  • Track Loyalty Program points
  • Create a powerful promotional tool
  • Have complete transaction reporting

Gift Cards can increase profits in a variety of different ways. They can be placed at the front counter and sold as impulse item. Merchants can team up with a complimentary business or product, a community organization, or charity. This is a great way to use gift cards to benefit all participants. When a consumer buys a card to support the charity, they become a potential new customer when they use it. Use your imagination and let the easy to carry, easy to use gift cards help to increase your sales and bring you new customers.

Loyalty Cards increase shopping frequency

Today’s retail environment is extremely competitive. Use a Loyalty Card program to establish and maintain a competitive advantage in the minds of your customers. A Loyalty Program is a powerful way to create a compelling reason for your customers to prefer your business over another. Give customers points for their purchases.

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